Centro Documentale dell’Isola di Capri

The Documents Centre of the Island of Capri was conceived in 1990 by the “Achille Ciccaglione” Cultural Association to promote research and further study into the history, traditions, art and environment of the Island.

The Centre promotes and supports cultural activities whose central theme is the Island of Capri: exhibitions, conferences, historical research, degree theses and publications, documents, books, pictures and newspaper articles concerning Capri have been assembled and catalogued at the Centre.

Researchers, scholars and students are assisted in the documentation of their researches.

The Centre owns a library of books about Capri which is costantly updated, a library of newspaper cutting and a photograph library. It also preserves copies of documents relating to the period of English occupation of the island (1806 – 1808), obtained directly from the British library in London, concerning in particular the correspondence of the English commander-in-chief Sir Hudson Lowe who eventually became responsible for Napolean during his imprisonment on Saint Helena.

In the photograph library, as well as ancient and modern pictures of Capri, there are some splendid colour pictures of the flora and fauna of the Island, and many black and white photos of famous national and international personalities who visited or frequented the Island during the fifties and sixties. An interesting press coverage of the island during the period from the end of the forties and the beginning of the fifties is preserved in the newspaper library.